Material Revolution por Sascha Peters

Material Revolution por Sascha Peters

Titulo del libro: Material Revolution

Autor: Sascha Peters

Número de páginas: 208 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: January 24, 2011

ISBN: 303460663X

Editor: Birkhäuser

Nombre del archivo: material-revolution.pdf

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Sascha Peters con Material Revolution

Since it is now clear that in the future many raw materials will only be available to us in limited quantities, scientists have for some time been conducting intensive research into possible alternatives. Sustainability is the order of the day and the magic word for a better future in politics and industry. Moreover, environmental consciousness and a penchant for thinking in terms of material cycles have caught on with consumers : the use of environmentally compatible materials and production methods is desired, even taken for granted by the client. Designers and architects thus have a special role and responsibility. For they are the ones who decide what materials will be used on their projects and thus wield enormous influence on the sustainability of our product world. At the same time, we are dealing with a flood of new materials, which calls for specialized knowledge of their properties, their possible use, and their handling. Materials Matter bridges the gap between research and...